Why Persian Carpet Cleaning Is Essential

A Persian carpet is a wonderful fixture, and for many reasons too. When a Persian carpet is brand new, it’s not only visually attractive but soft, smooth, and odor-free as well. In fact, a new Persian carpet might even smell pleasant. Enjoy this ideal state while it lasts, however, as a Persian carpet won’t stay in good condition forever.
When a carpet begins to lose its luster, it’s here where carpet cleaning services might be needed. Our team has been delivering expert Persian carpet cleaning in NJ for over a decade, and we are also carpet restoration experts. If your Persian carpet has been damaged over the years, we’ll know how to fix it. We’ll also pursue carpet restoration before cleaning, as going in reverse order can be dangerous for the carpet.
When we’re done with our restoration work, you’ll think the Persian carpet just came out of the store the other day. We can deliver a wide range of first-rate carpet restoration services, but we’re often called to deliver rug recoloring, rug reweaving, rug binding, or rug fringing. To know more about these services, read on!


When It’s Best To Get Carpet Recoloring

Our carpet recoloring experts have been performing this work for years, so they’re detailed, meticulous, and committed to delivering good work. When they’re done, your carpet will have vibrancy again, and its pattern will shine. You won’t have to worry about the carpet dye running or the pattern being messed up, as our experts take great care to prevent both when they work. We’ll only improve your carpets and rugs—we’ll never make them worse!

Our Team Can Execute Carpet Reweaving

If you need Persian carpet reweaving, we can deliver this for you. This service is often sought by Persian carpet owners, and most get it once a year. If your carpet is subject to high foot traffic, there’s a chance you may need this twice a year. Carpet reweaving is a common restoration service, and Moroccan rugs, Turkish carpets, kilim rugs, hand-woven rugs, and other rugs and carpets also need this often. If your carpet has been damaged by moths or other insects, then reweaving will be needed to make it sound again.

Choose Our Carpet Binding Experts

We can deliver carpet binding for an affordable price, and we’ll have your carpets back to you before you miss them. We’ll bind your carpets using either binding tape or a special sewing machine. Of course, we’ll pursue the binding method which is best for your carpet. When we’re done with binding, your carpet will not only be visually attractive but sound and soft as well. Binding sure is a terrific service!

We’ll Deliver Effective Carpet Fringing

A carpet’s fringe is like its backbone, and when this gets compromised, the rest of the carpet can go down hill quite quickly. It’s best to stop the degradation process in its tracks by getting a fringing service from our team. When we’re done with fringing, your carpet will be cable of withstanding anything you throw at it. This is an affordable service that can be executed quickly.