We Help You When You Need Persian Carpet Cleaning

Persian carpets are certainly attractive accessories. Eventually, a Persian carpet will get dirty, and when this happens, it’s best to get the problem addressed right away. Unfortunately routine vacuuming is not enough.
There comes a point when a professional carpet cleaning service is needed. Professionals know that dirty carpets can be home to so many unwanted particles and organisms, like dust mites, dirt, mold, mildew, grit, allergens, and bacteria. When these elements overtake a carpet, the only thing that can restore the carpet is a professional carpet cleaning service.
A dirty carpet will also restrict airflow in a home, and it’ll reduce air quality as well. Therefore, if you have bad allergies, breathing problems, etc., then you should stay away from dirty carpets. Young children and the elderly should also stay away from dirty carpets. Once your Persian carpet has been cleaned, it’ll be easier to breathe again in your home—you’ll see!

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How Our Persian Carpet Cleaning Process Works

Our cleaning process is very thorough and our technicians will always be willing to share what they’re going to do before cleaning begins. IF the customer has specific instructions on how they want the carpet cleaned , we of course will take that into consideration. We always handle your carpet with care, and when we’re done with cleaning.
We have the knowledge, tools, and cleaning products necessary to make Persian carpets both spotless and sanitary, and we won’t stop cleaning until you’re satisfied with the results. We’re always willing to go above and beyond for our clients.
Here’s more on how our Persian carpet cleaning process works:
Our team will first assess the colorfastness of the carpet before cleaning it. Preparation is important here. We also remove whatever loose fibers, dirt, grit, and debris we can before cleaning, as these particles can be more damaging when wet. Next, we gently wash your carpet, taking extra care as we know a wet carpet can be damaged easily. We only use cleaning products that are designed for Persian carpets, and refrain from doing any vigorous scrubbing.

We Tackle Tough Pet Stains & Odors

When pet stains are threatening to ruin the value of your favorite Persian carpets, you should call us. We can handle stains old and new, and we can also tackle the dog odor. When we’re done with cleaning, you’ll never know there was a horrible odor. The stains will also be gone, so it’ll be totally possible for you and your furry friend to enjoy the carpets once again.
We clean carpets with pet-friendly products, and when we’re done with cleaning your carpet will be ready for use immediately. We’re a top choice for pet owners who need Persian carpet cleaning in NJ.